Firoza kabir

Kabir, Firoza

Asst. Professor - PhysicsEmail :

I. Masters Degree:
Session: 2008-09
Institution: University of Dhaka
Result: 1st class 5th
Physics department.

II. Bachelor Degree:
Session: 2004-05
Institution: University of Dhaka.
Result: 1st class 5th
Physics department.

III. Higher Secondary Certificate
Institution: Holy Cross College
Board: Dhaka
Passing Year: 2004
Result: GPA 4.60(out of 5.00)

IV. Secondary School Certificate
Institution: Rajuk Uttara Model School
Board: Dhaka
Passing Year: 2002
Result: GPA 4.75(out of 5.0)

Senior Lecturer, Physics (INS), UIU

Research Interest: Laser Physics, Solid State Physics and Nano Particles

Thesis Topic: “Elemental profiling and identification of eco-toxic elements in agricultural soil by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy”
Supervised by:
Dr. A.F.M. Yusuf Haider
Professor, Department of Physics
University Of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Scholarship: My research was partially funded through providing scholarship under AIF-HEQEP-UGC-WB sub-project ( A project of World Bank) titled Monitoring of Surface Pollution and Atmospheric Condition in Bangladesh by Laser-based technique (CP-240).


“National Science & Information and Communication Technology (N. S. I. C. T.) Fellowship” given by Bangladesh Government for 2011-2012 fiscal year.


a. Name of the employer: United International University (UIU)
b. Address of the employer: House: 80, Road: 8/A (Old 15) Satmosjid Road,       Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209.
c. Designation: Senior Lecturer (Institute of Natural Sciences)
d. Service period: June 2012-September 2012(part time faculty)
September 29, 2012 — Present (Senior Lecturer)


a. Name of the employer: International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT)
b. Address of the employer: 4 Embankment Drive Road, Sector 10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230.
c. Designation: Lecturer (College of Arts and Science (CAAS))
d. Service period: April 4, 2012-June 4, 2012

1. Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2013, Vol. 1, No. 4, 41-44 Available online at © Science and Education Publishing DOI: 10.12691/aees-1-4-1
Title: Elemental Profiling and Identification of Eco-Toxic Elements in Agricultural Soil by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
2. Optics &Laser Technology 56 (2014) 299–303. Journal homepage:

Title: Detection of trace amount of arsenic in groundwater by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and adsorption

3. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Volume 14 Issue 7 Version 1.0 October 2014.

Title: Elemental Profiling of Rice and Husk by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).

PHY 104, PHY 105, PHY 106

Firoza Kabir

Senior lecturer (Physics)-INS

Room No: 402 (Campus -1, UIU, House#80, R0ad#8/A, Dhanmondi 1209)