Rifat, Mustafa

Lecturer, IPE (On Study Leave)Email :

Currently on leave to attend the Ph.D. program in Pennsylvania State University in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Fall’2017

B.Sc. in Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE), BUET

HSC from Notre Dame College

SSC from Khilgaon Government High School

Team Leader- Supply Chain at British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB) from December 1, 2015- March 31, 2016

Lecturer- IPE in United International University (UIU) from May 25, 2016- Now

Internship: Kohinoor Chemicals Company Limited, Bangladesh

  1. ‘Regenerative Braking System on Bicycle’- a modification of the brake shoe system of brake engagement with a purpose to conserve energy loss by friction by transforming it into electrical energy.
  2. A proposal on Weight Sensing Escalator- an escalator which can sense while someone approaches and start running only when when someone is on it in stead of running the whole operating period.
  3. Detail drawing of an Air Compressor- a project in Solid Works.
  4. Detail drawing of a speed boat- a project on CATIA.
  5. ‘Development of an inventory model for a manufacturer with one supplier and one retailer with random capacity and random availability’- as final year Thesis.

  1. Rifat, M., Rahman, M. H., & Das, D. (2017, December). A review on application of nanofluid MQL in machining. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 1919, No. 1, p. 020015). AIP Publishing.
  2. Wang, Z., Rifat, M., Saldana, C., & Basu, S. (2018). Quantifying the spread in crystallographic textures due to transients in strain path in shot-peening. Materialia.
  3. Rahman, M. H., Rifat, M., Azeem, A., & Ali, S. M. (2018). A quantitative model for disruptions mitigation in a supply chain considering random capacities and disruptions at supplier and retailer. International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, 1-9.
  4. Kulkarni, A., Vidvans, A., Rifat, M., Bicknell, G., Gong, X., Manogharan, G., … & Basu, S. (2018, June). Scalable Detection of Defects in Additively Manufactured PLA Components. In ASME 2018 13th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (pp. V001T01A042-V001T01A042). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  5. Rifat, M., Kulkarni, A., & Basu, S. (2018). Characterizing Surface Defects in Additively Manufactured Components using Smart-Phone Imaging. MS&T’2018

  1. Manufacturing Process– Coolant flow technology like Minimum Quantity Lubrication, Cryogenic Cooling; Metal Cutting, Machine Tools, Sustainable Manufacturing
  2. Fluid Mechanics– Analysis of laminar and turbulent flow
  3. Heat Transfer
  4. Disruption Management in Supply Chain
  5. Inventory Models

IPE 401- Industrial Management


  1. Semi Finalist in Inter University Design Contest- Universal Accessibility in Public Transport organized by Engineering Students Association of Bangladesh (ESAB)
  2. Champion in BizWiz Business case competition season 1 organized by Association of Industrial and Production Engineers (AIPE)
  3. 1st Runner-up in National Business Idea Competition in Meccelaration-2014 organized by Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh
  4. Cultural Secretary in AIPE in Junior year
  5. Organizing Secretary in AIPE in Senior year
  6. Associate editor at Pi-Zero to Infinity– a magazine intended to create love for mathematics among students
  7. Participated in Hult Prize organized by Hult International Business School, Battle of Minds organized by BATB, BizMaestros Organized by Unilever Bangladesh, Banglalink Grandmaster Idea Contest organized by Banglalink.

This section is going to be an informal one describing myself and my teaching philosophy. So sit tight!

If you have participated in my class, you already know that I love teaching as much as Michael Phelps loves swimming or CR7 loves footballing! From the core of my heart I believe that learning can be fun if you get the feel out of it and just be a little organized. When you fall in love with learning new things and start to live under the same roof with curiosity, you never stop.

My goal is to make learning enjoyable, make my students realize that exams are not something to take stress on, it is just a celebration of learning!

I love to write, I love to talk. Apart from the study, I talk about life, happiness, corporate culture, do’s and don’ts in professional life in my class. I give surprise assignments from many interesting topics (related or non-related to my course) which may bring you some surprise gifts too! A common open assignment was to describe space time curvature due to gravity and how it creates Time Dilation- this involves General Relativity and obviously, far away from IPE-401. But it ignites curiosity which is the first step towards learning.

I am strict about deadlines, I am strict about changing numbers (until there are solid reasons, I won’t increase marks in your exam, so don’t even ask me about that).

But apart from this, I try to make students better prepared for the upcoming life, to nurture professionalism in their very small behaviors like how to reply emails, how to handshake properly, how should your body language be when you are giving an interview and so on.

So, this is a glimpse of my teaching style. You will have fun and you will learn something at the end of the day and realize that when you learn- you don’t forget.

Cheers to that!