Message from Director


I would like to extend you my heartiest welcome to the Institute of Natural Sciences (INS) at United International University. Since its inception in 2006, INS has been playing a key role in the study of engineering and business. The foremost role of INS is to design and amend the syllabi of and to conduct the courses on Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics that are offered to the undergraduate students of the School of Sciences and Engineering. In addition, INS also arranges for faculty members to conduct courses on Business Mathematics and Business Statistics offered by the School of Business. INS courses are intended to help producing graduates who have sound command of the fundamental concepts in their field of study and ability to apply those concepts in industry. INS designs and offers courses with a view to prepare the students in a manner so that they will possess the problem solving and critical judgement skills required in an increasing technological society. Our institute is home to more than twenty faculty members, including award winning educators and researchers. INS with its growing volume of erudite faculty members is committed to help producing skilled graduate with a mission to address the thrust of the Globe. If you are interested in joining a career in natural sciences, we are here to help. To all our students, as you embark upon your career, we wish you well in your future studies.

Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Saklayen

Director, Institute of Natural Science (INS)